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It's your advertising. You want it to look like your advertising. That's why our art department is here to serve you.

The sample inserts are here to give you a place to start. A new sales perspective. We don't just place your logo in a template and send it to the newspaper of your choice. We custom tailor each ad theme to your company and product line, at the lowest price.

If you see an insert that looks like it was built for Dodge but you sell Mazdas, we make all the changes to fit. Your logos, sale dates, prices, and product.

An example would be something like this...

Custom tailored from a dual line dealership with specific deals to a single brand overall sale.

You select the general template, we do the work, get your approval before it goes to print, and even go as far as getting factory pre-approval for your co-op advertising dollars.

If you don't see a sample that appeals to you, simply let us know and we'll custom design a new one just for you...at no extra charge!

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